A (elliptical arc)

The red dot is the starting point "M".

Blue is the ending point of the line and the starting point for the following element.

The curvature of the path is determined by an ellipse.

The first 3 parameters of "A" describe the ellipse:

  • first is the radius of the ellipse on the X axis, "rx" in the "Config" area
  • second is the radius on the Y axis, "ry"
  • third is the rotation of the ellipse by degrees, "x-axis-rotation" in "Config"

With the distance from the red and blue points and the first three parameters, only two ellipses can exist in 2D space.

The following two parameters help choose which arc of ellipse will be used.

  • the forth parameter chooses between the larger and the smaller arches. It can be 1 or 0. 1 is for large and 0 for small. "large-arc-flag" in "Config"
  • the fifth parameter decides between the left side arches and right side of the line between the red and blue points. It can be 1 or 0. Left is 1, right is 0. "sweep-flag" in "Config"